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How to Engage in Fantasy Cricket, Fantasy Football, Fantasy Kabaddi & Fantasy Basketball

India Match – Furthermore, My11Circle Fantasy cricket, football, kabaddi, and basketball are skill-based games widely embraced by enthusiasts in India. It presents an enticing opportunity for all fantasy gaming aficionados to apply their sports knowledge in games like fantasy cricket, football, kabaddi, and basketball, showcasing their skills.Create your own team and compete with other players. Learning the rules, strategies, and point system of the game is essential to becoming a skilled player. So, choose your game and demonstrate your gaming prowess at My11Circle.

Objective of Fantasy Cricket: India Match

Fantasy Football, Fantasy Kabaddi & Fantasy Basketball Fantasy cricket, football, kabaddi, & basketball all share the same objective: create a team of 11 players from any upcoming match and join a practice (free) contest. Based on your team players’ LIVE performance, you score points, aiming for higher ranks on the leaderboard.

Basic understanding of the game and some research will help you gather the necessary inputs to beat the odds and win in the realm of Fantasy Cricket, Fantasy Football, Fantasy Kabaddi, and Fantasy Basketball. Identifying players likely to perform well during a season enhances your team’s scoring potential.

How to Play Fantasy Sports on My11Circle?

Step 1. Register: Go to the Registration page on the website or download the My11Circle Fantasy Cricket App and register via Facebook or your Email ID & Mobile.

Step 2. Pick a match: Select a match from any upcoming tournament. Numerous tournaments run throughout the year.

Step 3. Manage your team: Select 11 players (Cricket & Football) or 7 Players (Kabaddi) to form your fantasy team with 100 credit points. However, you can only pick a maximum of 10 players (Cricket), 7 players (Football), or 6 Players (Kabaddi) from one team.


Line-up is public information. Although we display it from the best sources possible, we suggest you verify from your sources as well.

Step 4. Contests: Multiple contests run on My11Circle. Choose from Practice, Cash, and Private contests.

Practice contest: Start with the free practice contest to improve your skills before moving to cash contests. You can play the practice contest an unlimited number of times.

Cash contest: Experienced players can compete for prize money in cash contests. Choose from various contests listed on the platform.

Private contest: Create your own private contest on the My11Circle app and play with your friends or family.

Step 5. Monitor your players: Check the players’ performance in the live match section once the game begins. Watch your team’s score increase based on the points system as the live match progresses.

Step 6. Understand how to manage your team and calculate the points:


Additionally, the 11 players should include batsmen, wicketkeeper, bowlers, and all-rounders. Moreover, pick two players to be the captain and vice-captain of your team. Choose them wisely as they can multiply your points, increasing your score.

What are the rules to create a playing 11?

You need to create your fantasy team using 100 credit points only. After selecting a team of 11, you have to choose a Captain and Vice-Captain.

What is the importance of a captain and vice-captain?

Select the best players as the captain and vice-captain for your team. The captain earns 2X score (twice the points earned) of his performance, while the vice-captain earns 1.5X score (one and a half times the points earned). Choose players you expect to perform well and earn bonus points.

How to calculate the points in Fantasy Cricket Each player in fantasy cricket earns 4 points for being a part of the team 11. The captain earns 2X points, and the vice-captain earns 1.5X points. No points are allocated to a player during a Super Over. Bonus points are awarded for:

Player’s strike rate is below 50 in ODI and 70 in T20. Player’s economy rate is above 7 RPO in ODI and 10 in T20. No points are deducted if your bowler is dismissed for a duck. To understand the points scoring in detail, visit the Points System section.

Understanding the Points System in Fantasy Cricket

New Points System (applicable from 4th March, 2023)

Let’s consider the First T20 between India and Sri Lanka played on January 3, 2023, to understand the new points system:

Player Points Ishan Kishan (C) 116 Shubhman Gill 10 Deepak Hooda (VC) 102 Wanindu Hasaranga 61 Ishan Kishan, assigned as the captain, earns 116 points, double his actual score. He scored 37 runs and earned 37 points, with 3 bonus points for scoring 3 fours and 4 bonus points for 2 sixes. His strike rate was 127.59, hence no additional points for it.

Deepak Hooda, assigned as the vice-captain, earns 102 points, counted as 1.5 times his actual score. He scored 41 runs and earned 41 points, with 1 four and 4 sixes earning him 1 and 8 bonus points, respectively. His strike rate was 178.26, earning him a bonus of 6 points.

Old Points System India Match

In Fantasy Cricket, points are scored by each player based on their performance in the live match. Let’s consider the fifth ODI between India and West Indies played on November 1, 2018.

Player Points Virat Kohli 26.5 Rohit Sharma (VC) 63 Sunil Ambris 0 Shimron Hetmyer 7 Ravindra Jadeja (C) 112 MS Dhoni 6 Jason Holder 15.5 Jasprit Bumrah 31 Kuldeep Yadav 17

Ravindra Jadeja, assigned as the captain, earns 112 points, double his actual score. He took 4 wickets for 34 runs in 9.5 overs, earning 48 points for his wickets, 2 bonus points for a 4-wicket haul, 2 points for being in the playing 11, 2 points for a maiden over, and 2 bonus points for maintaining an economy between 3 and 4.5.

Virat Kohli scored 33 runs off 29 balls, including 6 fours. He earned 16.5 points for his 33 runs, 3 bonus points for 6 fours, 1 bonus point for maintaining a strike rate between 100 and 149.9, and 2 points for being in the playing 11. He also took a catch, earning 4 points, totaling 26.5 points.

After the Match Ends

Furthermore, you will find the final score and rank of your team in the Completed tab. Additionally, the winning positions are announced based on the ranks of different teams, finalized according to the points accumulated by the joined teams based on player performances in live India Match. Consider the following contest details:

Total winnings – ₹3,00,000 Contest Size – ₹ 200 Winners – ₹ 100 Entry Fee – ₹ 2000

Prize break-up:

Rank 1: ₹ 1,00,000 Rank 2: ₹ 60,000 Rank 3: ₹ 20,000 Rank 4-10: ₹ 5,000 Rank 11-100: ₹ 1,000

Once the deadline for joining a contest is over, the prize break-up is recalculated based on the actual number of teams that joined the contest. These teams will have a fixed rank based on the points accumulated.

Additionally, if your team secures a rank between 1 and 100 in the contest, you emerge as a winner. Consequently, the corresponding winning amount will be credited to your account within 4 hours. It’s worth noting that cash prizes differ across various contests.

Step 7. Withdraw Cash

To withdraw your winnings, go to your account on My11Circle and withdraw your cash directly into your bank account.


What is the maximum number of teams you can form in a match? Can you join multiple contests? Can I participate in more than one match simultaneously? What happens if I make changes just when the match starts? What happens if a match is canceled? If a India Match is delayed, can I make changes to the team? If rains interrupt a match, will I get a refund?


Total winnings Total winnings for a particular contest are the total pool amount distributed among the winners based on their rankings.

Winners The total number of proposed winners in a contest.

Entry fee The entry fee required to join a contest, which can be cash, ticket, or free.

Prize breakup The prize distributed based on the ranks achieved by teams. Once a match goes live, the prize breakup is updated based on the number of teams that joined the contest.

Teams joined/Contest size The number of teams that joined the contest in real-time, also displaying the maximum number of teams allowed to join the contest.

‘G’ – Guaranteed symbol This symbol indicates whether a contest is guaranteed or not. If a contest is guaranteed, it means that the prize for a particular rank is guaranteed, although the number of prizes varies as more teams join the contest.

Beat the Expert Contest My11Circle features Sourav Ganguly and Shane Watson in the Beat The Expert (BTE) contest.

Moreover, challenge them, and if you beat them, you win X times the entry fee. Additionally, the multiplier value (X) might change from league to league or match to match. For example, during The Cricket World Cup 2019, we paid 5 times the entry fee as prizes to everyone who beat Dada in the Beat the Expert contest in every match.

Moreover, in the Head to Head (H2H) Contest, you can compete with other Fantasy Sports fans one-on-one in specific tournaments. Additionally, you can pick the prize amount you prefer and join the contest by paying the entry fee. It’s a great way to challenge your opponent in a small, limited setup.

Abandoned India Match If weather conditions or unforeseen events prevent a Cricket or Football match from starting, it is termed as abandoned.

Duck When a batsman gets out for zero runs, it is called a duck.

Maiden Over It refers to an over that has six deliveries and zero runs.

Decision Review System (DRS) It is the technology used to assist the match officials such as the third umpire in making the right decision.

Washout Match If a match is canceled due to weather conditions such as rain, after playing for a short while or no play, then it is known as a washout match.

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