Haryana Steelers

Haryana Steelers

The Haryana Steelers, a powerhouse franchise in the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL), have emerged as formidable contenders, captivating audiences with their prowess, tenacity, and indomitable spirit. Let’s delve into the dynamic world of the Haryana Steelers, exploring their journey, achievements, and impact on the landscape of professional kabaddi.


Established in 2017, the Haryana Steelers represent the state of Haryana in the Pro Kabaddi League, one of India’s premier kabaddi tournaments. With a roster of skilled athletes and a passionate fan base, the team embodies the essence of kabaddi, blending athleticism, strategy, and tradition into a thrilling spectacle.

Rise to Prominence:

From their inception, the Steelers have made their mark on the PKL, showcasing stellar performances and clinching victories against formidable opponents. Under the guidance of seasoned coaches and captains, the team has demonstrated remarkable resilience and determination, earning accolades and admiration from fans and critics alike.

Key Players:

The Haryana Steelers boast a roster of talented players who excel in various facets of the game. From raiders to defenders, each member of the team contributes their unique skills and expertise to propel the Steelers to victory. Notable players include:

  1. Vikash Kandola: A dynamic raider known for his agility and speed, Vikash Kandola is a cornerstone of the Steelers’ offense, consistently outmaneuvering opponents and scoring crucial points.
  2. Dharmaraj Cheralathan: As one of the most experienced defenders in the league, Dharmaraj Cheralathan’s leadership and tactical acumen bolster the Steelers’ defense, thwarting opposing raiders with his expertise.
  3. Ravi Kumar: A rising star in the world of kabaddi, Ravi Kumar’s versatility and versatility in both raiding and defending make him a valuable asset to the Haryana Steelers, contributing to their success on the mat.

Community Engagement:

Beyond their achievements on the kabaddi mat, the Steelers are actively involved in community outreach initiatives, promoting the sport of kabaddi and nurturing young talent across Haryana and beyond. Through grassroots programs, training camps, and school partnerships, the team strives to inspire the next generation of kabaddi enthusiasts and foster a culture of sportsmanship and camaraderie.


In conclusion, the Haryana Steelers epitomize the spirit of excellence, resilience, and sportsmanship in the world of professional kabaddi. With their stellar performances, passionate fan base, and commitment to community engagement, the Steelers continue to leave an indelible mark on the Pro Kabaddi League and inspire generations of kabaddi enthusiasts across India. As they embark on each season with renewed vigor and determination, the Haryana Steelers remain a force to be reckoned with, embodying the true essence of kabaddi’s spirit and legacy.

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